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December 31, 2011


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Pot Sets

Chanterelles...ahhhh! Such a delicacy! Tis the season for us this week, as my husband just spent a day down on his hands and knees picking these incredibly delicious mushrooms...with hours of cleaning and preparing them for our future stock in the freezer. We had them for dinner last evening cooked in a cream sauce and served over baked chicken...of course, we serve them with just about anything. As my husband is usually the chef for these fine Chanterelles for our elaborate dinner parties, I am passing on your recipe for another impressive dish to delight our guests.


These chanterelles sound delicious!


I'm a real mushroom fan and love creamy sauces. I'm so envious that you can find these beautiful chanterelles just behind where you live.


This sounds delightful. I love chanterelles and can imagine how these flavorings enchance their natural woodsy-ness.

Best wishes for the new year.


5 Star Foodie

A wonderful preparation with these special mushrooms! Happy 2012!

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