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November 19, 2009


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Liza - professional hair shears

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This is so clever! Can't believe little ones can do it - wonder if I can!?


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Mr. P

OMG what a cool idea!

I have to 'entertain' my nephews next weekend... Think I know what we'll be doing now.


great ornaments such a fun interactive project for the little ones.


Yes a fun way to involve kids in Thanksgiving.


Clever, delicious and too much fun!


You're sooooo creative! These look so real :)

Vegetable Matter

Well done! Would have never thought of these, but what a great family project!


That looks very festive and the kids are enjoying. This is a very unique ornament for Thanksgiving.


very cute so fun with children


those cookies are so cute! great idea!

The Foodie Forkful

What a fun idea! We'll have to make those in a few years when my son (now 6 months) gets older.


Clever! It looks like you had fun making them.

My Man's Belly

How cute are those!

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

Awesome idea! This would be a great project to do with my daughter! Have a great thanksgiving!


That is such a great idea! Good for you and your little decorator.


That's really neat. Definitely a cool way to get kids involved in the kitchen.

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