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July 12, 2009


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Erin @ Dinners, Dishes and Desserts

Great dressing, great salad - and your artichoke bowl is perfect! So glad it is summer, and salads are acceptable around my house!


This is why i visit you site daily. Great read thanks. Incidently http://www.rapidmediafire.com has a similar topic.

Patti Londre

"ME WANT" a salad with that dressing now, so much fun to relive memories, thanks for this.

Kelly at Crock Tease

I loved Green Goddess as a child, and I think it's a shame that it's gone out of fashion. It used to be available in bottles. The upside is: homemade is better, anyway!


Wow that dressing looks amazing. I must make some! :)


Just what I needed for today's salad. Perfect for a hot summer day!


The dressing sounds delicious and what a beautiful, unique appetizer. I must say the jicama slices marinated in grapefruit juice really peaked my interest. That sounds great!


Green Goddess perfect name and artichoke bowl is fabulous, a delicious dish from heaven!


Green Goddess perfect name and artichoke bowl is fabulous, a delicious dish from heaven!


I haven't seen this dressing in years. Your recipe sounds really good. Love your photo spread.

Carolyn Jung

Woooo, look at the glorious color of that dressing. I've seen many versions of this classic. But I totally love that yours has anchovies in it. Yum!


ok ... when can i come over for dinner? :)


Oh wow thats wonderful platter and yummy blog..first time here..loved all the dishes.. wish to have the artichoke and salad..really tempting..will peep often..


Looks great - and thanks for sharing the history behind this dressing as well!


--just don't count the fat calories! YUM!!


great salad

Marion Rodrigues

Yummy ! C'nt waith to try it. Tks.


A well made Green Goddess dressing is heaven! I love it on a shrimp salad. Great post and a bookmark worthy recipe for sure!


Absolutely love Green Goddess dressing and can't wait to try!

Frank Fariello

I love Green Goddess dressing--but not just on salads but with boiled meats. Did you know that Green Goddess has almost the same ingredients as salsa verde for bollito misto? The main difference is the use of mayo andcream in the dressing, while you thin out salsa verde with olive oil and some lemon juice or vinegar.

The basic taste profile is the same. May sound strange but it works great with all kinds of boiled dinners, even corned beef.

The Duo Dishes

That dressing sounds awesome. The green color is quite pronounced! This would be a good one for salad.


I'm swooning over this recipe!

The Saucy Gourmet

This salad sounds wonderful, can't wait to try it! Bet this would be wonderful with the shrimp on the barbie:-) Thanks you for visiting my blog, look forward to sharing with you.


I never had green goddess dressing, it sounds absolutely delicious too

Mathilde's Cuisine

Very creative! Didn't know about the story but I like it!


Yum! I love salad and this looks fantastic.
It looks very very refreshing and tasty.
Thank you for the recipe

Elaine - The Gourmet Girl

I haven't thought about Green Goddess dressing in years. A wonderful use for the plethora of avocados we harvest from our tree.


A lovely use of the artichoke!


wow, I can't wait to try this. I've read several Green Goddess dressing recipes and always thought that it didn't sound right, getting rid of the sour cream/yogurt component makes complete sense. Are there any vegetables you think do not pair well with this?


That looks delicious. I will have to wait for avocado season though in 2 months. :)

Cookin' Canuck

I adore Green Goddess dressing. What a great idea to pair with the artichoke.


Green Goddess dressing will never go out of style as far as I'm concerned. --I bet the the addition of anchovy adds a nice bit of warmth.
Terrific that you have preserved family memories in a cookbook.


I would have never guessed that anchovies were included in that dressing. It looks delicious.


Looks great can't wait to try

kiss my spatula

looks divine! the dressing sounds just wonderful - though anchovies and i have quite a close relationship. can't wait to give it a try!


Mmm... love the Green Goddess dressing. It's really good with grilled steak and chicken, too.

Pink Foodie

Great recipe. I love all the varying shades of green.


YUM! That looks REALLY great!

Angie's Recipes

What a refreshing tasty salad!

Angie's Recipes


LOVE the artichoke bowl idea!!! So gorgeous.


You can never have enough green. ;-) I've never had a green dressing before. This sounds really delicious!!

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