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June 02, 2009


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Food Recipes

Beautiful ! Happy birthday :)

Nutrition Data

This cake is looking delicious and tasty . . .


Just read through the frosting recipe -- OJ is mentioned in the directions, but not in the list of ingredients needed. Should it have the OJ? Doesn't sound right, but I'm willing to give it a try. Was also thinking it might change the color?


Well -- I see the posts for this were in 2009, but I had to comment. Looks great, and I think I will have to make it for my own birthday later this month! I will be a 64 year old kid then, but I STILL love PINK, and chocolate. This is perfect. I have a pink kitchen, a pink Kitchen Aid mixer and lots more pink. It is the most pleasant, calming kitchen I have ever worked in. I even have a "pink" email! Loved the "pink" info. I will bookmark Jefferson's Table to try some more recipes. Thanks!


What a great combination and a luscious deep amazing cake. Loved the conversation in your post. You had me nodding at pink being the new navy blue of India!

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look strawberry cake to me any ways thanks for the recipe I think my daughter will love this.thanks.


I'm making this for our back-to-school lunch at in-service. YUM!


Cream cheese in the frosting tastes appetizing. My other favorite is whipped cream frosting. It is such a let down to bite into a really delicious chocolate cake, only to have it ruined by an overly sugary frosting. Yuck.

This on the other hand, sounds divine.


What a lovely cake! I like that you used cream cheese in the frosting to kick the cake up a notch. Very adorable birthday girl-your daughter?


Thanks for such kind concern and comments :) Pink + chocolate?! Tehe that's too much. How darling.

The Duo Dishes

The cake itself sounds really great...deeply chocolate, yet light and fluffy. We're big fans of Milliken and Feniger.


Yummy pinky cake. Love to have for my daughters upcoming bday. The cake looks so delicious & the add-ons for the party are really great combination.mmmmmm


Lovely Pink !
Cake look soooooooo delicious...........

Ask the Doctor

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That cake looks awesome! And what a good idea to go with a pink theme, addins Salmon. Sounds like a great party! Add a little pink Champagne...for the adults of course!


Yummy! This looks great!


Wowieeee ....Cake looks awesome :)


Well, I know my daughter is need of a pink birthday cake for her bday next week! Kudos to the pretty cake!
Awesome Vegan Girl

Lisa Curcio

Wow! This cake looks delicious!


What a wonderful celebration. The cake sounds fantastic.


Super looking cake - I LOVE the candles!


Your cake looks moist and delicious! I love the cream cheese frosting! I bet the almond extract was delightful!

I make some Pina Colada cupcakes with Coconut Rum Cream Cheese Frosting. The frosting was superb!

Gera @ SweetsFoods

I would love a slice of this perfect cake…chocolate, cream cheese frosting a really appealing combination!:)




Emm!!! I love the cake....


Looks great and sounds like you nailed it. Congrats


Loved the cake and has really nice icing to and the candles are very funny. If you want to look at mine I am here Rico|Recipes :) xx


The chocolate cake recipe sounds decadent! Great way to create an amazingly moist cake.


the birthday girl definitely had an awesome cake, I'm loving the cream cheese frosting as well

Angie's Recipes

When a cake must be pink and taste good, I would do the same!!
Lovely cake! Believe me, the Birthday Kid was wishing a 3-layer pinky chocoky cake for her next birthday!

Mathilde's Cuisine

God, I love those big cakes! looks wonderful! Congrat'!


That cake looks delicious!!! Can I have a slice...yummy!!


Two of my favorites chocolate and the color pink. This cake looks so pretty,you could have posted it on "pink Saturadys."

meatless mama

Very festive! You can never go wrong with chocolate.


Nice cake and the swirling candles are so cute. Looking forward to the cake recipe :)

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

Hmmm... Chocolate and pink definitely sounds like a very familiar request :) This cake looks awesome!


What a beautiful cake-I love the funky candles!!

Tangled Noodle

This cake has definitely got me thinking pink. Looks absolutely scrumptious!


Happy Birthday and God Bless!!

This is a gorgeous cake, looks so yummy!!

Crazy About Cakes

Oh my heavens! The cake sounds absolutely out of this world! And I love the pink.

kiss my spatula

what a gorgeous and lucky little birthday girl! i love the pink, how could you not?


Mmmm....I love me some chocolate cake. Just the word chocolate is enough for me to drool over. =)


Looks like a great cake! And I agree with Cookin' Canuck: if it's got cream cheese frosting, count me in.


Melty chocolate sauce soaking into chocolate cake? Sign me up! It reminds me of Jell-o Poke Cake, only more decadent. Such a delicious idea.

Heavenly Housewife

How lovely! Surely every girly wants a pink cake. I dont think I ever got one, I am going to have to discuss this with my mom over the weekend *wink* something must be amiss!


Delicious. I love the chocolate wash you made for the cake. I bet it added lots of moistness and hint of flavor.


What a pretty pink cake! Looks delicious too.

Cookin' Canuck

I love cream cheese frosting. This looks delicious!

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