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June 18, 2009


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Looks amazing! Thanks for all the tips! The art of cooking is truly wonderful!


My nephew and brother-in-law just returned from an Alaskan fishing trip--can't wait to try this with them!


Hey you,
I added you as a fav. blog finally...Check it out.

French Cooking for Dummies

Looks perfect! Yummy...


Congrats on Top 9! Salmon is so good for you, especially prepared like you have here.


beautiful presentation and the salmon looks like it was cooked to perfection

Tangled Noodle

The secret always seems to be in the stock, isn't it? This dish looks so delicious - I love salmon but almost always have it grilled, baked or even steamed. I'd love to add poaching to this techniques list!


That looks good! I am going to have to try poached salmon someday. I don't think I ever have. Thank you for sharing!!

Anne Ritchings

looks so beautiful.


Wah! poaching the salamon is all new to me. Hope i had got something new to cook with fish. Thanx & wishes for you to top at 9 in foodbuzz. great and congrats


Looks so delicious!


Now, I am carving salmon. Will try it poach next time.

Thanks for all the information.


Just the stock alone sounds amazing! I love the way you've roasted the ingredients before boiling them. Your herbs are interesting too - do you always use lavender in stock?

Kamran Siddiqi (The Sophisticated Gourmet)

Congratulations on making it to the FoodBuzz Top 9!!!

Miranda Hagan

hey guys,
thank you for the great comments on my site!!!
This looks amazing. I LOVE SALMON!!!! My fav. is smoked Salmon, but I do not have a smoker :(


I have yet to poach a salmon, a method that sounds just delicious! This looks wonderful!


Doesn't get much better than that!

Pink Foodie

Great recipe. I had poached salmon last night and it was amazing.

kiss my spatula

we eat a whole lot of salmon in our neck of the woods and poaching is a method i have yet to try with them. thank you so much for this - will definitely be giving it a go for our next salmon run.

Heavenly Housewife

I love salmon :), you presented it so beautifully!


Even though I'm vegetarian, I must say that presentation was stunning!

Mathilde's Cuisine

i'm craving for salmon now!! Congratulation for the recipe, looks wonderful!


Great idea, would have never thought of it!

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie


Angie's Recipes

Sounds and looks really yummy....yes, you are RIGHT. Cooking is an ART!


Sounds wonderful!

The Duo Dishes

We do love some salmon. It's so tender and flakey. We just perfected the en papillote procedure...perhaps poaching is next. :)


Looks perfectly cooked. I guess it's the season for salmon as a lot of people have been cooking with it lately. That's a good thing.

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