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May 07, 2009


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We just had a new firestation built near my house and I haven't taken them a meal yet. Thanks for lighting the fire under me!!


Gorgeous cookies,so rich...


The Waldorf Double Chocolate cookies are amazing looking. I will definitely try them and then do a post on my chocolate blog. Thanks for the link.


Thank you for the post on my site. I will look forward to sharing back and forth with you.

Those cookies look AMAZING!!! I will definitely have to try those. My mouth is totally watering.

kiss my spatula

Glad to hear you and your loved ones are safe. I'm sure you will be bringing a big smile to the face of all those brave and heroic firefighters with these cookies. Stay safe!

Cate O'Malley

What a great thing for you to do - I'm sure they were really appreciated.

Big Boys Oven

This is an awesome thing to do!

The Gastronomista

Hi S Stockwell,
I am catching up with you (my day job is in a very demanding profession-insurance and financial services) and I want to tell you that those firefighters certainly need chocolate to keep their energy levels up. When I heard about the fires (I am so sorry) in Santa Barbara I started to get really nervous. I have a second house in San Diego and that brought up the fire memories. And, my primary home is right next to a very, very dry oak-forested mountain range. We are not due for rain for another month and the lightening will probably start several fires before we get green.I have to agree with Heavenly Housewife-eat cookies when there are issues. I think that I will stock up on goods to bake cookies for the our firefighters just in case. I will use your cookie recipe. Maybe you should name them "Fireman Cookies".


thanks for coming by my page. i am new'ish to this whole thing. It still just tickles me that people i don't know come and look @ my page (let alone try my little recipes!).



Best wishes and hope all is well!! good to know food and bring some joy in such situations.

Yvonne, My Halal Kitchen

What a nice gesture to bring the firefighter's those delicious looking cookies.


What a great treat for the firefighters who are risking their lives to fight the blazes. Stay safe.


My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has been affected by this horrible situation! I can only imagine! Glad you are safe, and the cookies will certainly be much appreciated I'm sure!

Pink Foodie

My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by the SB fires. That's wonderful of you to bring these cookies to the firefighters.


Hi S.Stockwell,

Sorry to hear about the raging fire in Santa Barbara. Keep safe and will keep you and the people of S.B in prayers.

Take care.



My thoughts are with you. That's a selfless act on your part & I'm sure many will appreciate :) Thks for sharing!

Bread and Jam

LOVE the looks of this cookie recipe and Bless you for making these for the firefighters!


Holey smokes those cookies are surely the most delicious cookies I have ever laid my eyes on!!! I hope the fires are under control by now!!


Wow - those cookies look amazing! You are so sweet to cook them up cookies to "refuel" them! There should be more people like you in the world :) Thanks for sharing...

Cookin' Canuck

Good luck - I'm sending good thoughts to ward off those winds. These cookies look delicious. Chocolate and cherries are a great combination!


Chef E

If I had a favorite sweet of all time it would be these, as my grandmother used to make them just for me, well at least that is what I thought!

I am making these soon...

Chef Danielle

What a wonderful thing to do. Best wishes for everyone in CA!


Wildfires in California were always scary times. Hope the rains come soon. It's really sweet of you to make cookies for the firefighters. They'll appreciate it very much.


How nice of you to make yummy cookies for the firefighters. I know they must be really stressed and overworked by the fires that have been going on lately. I'm sure your cookies will brighten their day :)

Tangled Noodle

Keep well! It is a lovely thing to boost morale for the firefighters.

My Comfort Food

That's really thoughtful of you. These cookies look really good. Hope you are safe and hope all the hard work from the firefighters and residents will be paid off soon.

mary coleman

best wishes to you..i cannot even imagine what this must feel like. ya'll have fires...here in tennessee it's tornadoes. my thoughts are with you and glad to be a new friend...


How very thoughtful...I am sure the firefighters would feel appreciated.


The fire fighters are brave indeed! The fires have been relentless in your area over the last few years. --Hope all ends well soon.
Your cookie recipe sounds amazing!I love chocolate and cherries. Will have to give them a try. I'm sure the fire fighters will enjoy your kindness.

The Duo Dishes

We can feel the warmth all the way here in LA. Hopefully all is well for you and yours. The cookies should be a nice taste of home.


Great thing to do for the firefighters. We can never do enough to show our appreciation for what they do, but these cookies are a nice start.


those cookies look delish :) xxx Rico-Recipes


I am glad you're doing well and it's a wonderful thing you're doing for the firefighters. I have friends whose homes have been destroyed by fires in San Diego, and I know how devastating fires can be. Keep safe.


That's very generous of you. I hope you're safe over there and that ll this will be over soon.


How wonderful of you - I'm sure the firefighters will appreciate the kindness as well as the tasty cookies! Sending safe thoughts to you and yours from Monrovia..

-Laura @ SoCal Sustenance


What a good person you are -- I'm sure they will enjoy the tasty sustenance for their hard work! - Zahavah

Heavenly Housewife

I am so sorry to hear about the fires. I used to live in Florida where there were always loads of devastating hurricanes. Against mother nature, we are powerless. Still, those cookies look absolutely decadent :) might as well eat some cookies if the world is falling apart, thats what i think anyways.


Thank you for all thee good wishes! We are in a good place but everyone is holding their breath for the winds tonight. best, s

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