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April 01, 2009


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The cabbages are vegetables composed mostly of water, and very nutritious for its wealth of vitamins and minerals. This high water content makes them foods with a low energy intake. After water, carbohydrates and fiber are the most abundant components, followed by a lower proportion of protein and fat.

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Would be nice to all people, especially those with young children, are aware of the irreversible consequences produced by this way of eating.


These cabagge rolls, sound really interesting to make.

Pink Foodie

These cabbage rolls look great. I will have to try the recipe this weekend.




Yummy! Makes me hungry.

Thks for visiting my blog & I've just casted a vote for you under your "Vote for Jefferson's Table" link.



That cabbage roll is going on our list of items to make. It sounds delicious.


wow!i love cabbage.what a great idea to combine the corned beef and cabbage :)

vanessa mccauley

That looks and sounds wonderful


I love cabbage rolls!!


Wow. That's some skillful cookery. I love the potato wrapping on the corned beef. Dinner at your house must be quite an event!

The Cooking Mostafas

I have never heard of potato crusted corned beef - what a cool idea and I have to agree with all the comments - the step-by-step pics are so helpful for us newbies!

Tangled Noodle

I love all the different elements of this but as a potato fan, I've got to give extra points to the potato crusted corned beef!


Love the idea for the potato crusted corned beef.


Very creative and no doubt very tasty too...well done


Now this is my idea of corned beef and cabbage. Love the savory/sweet/salty contrasts.


so impressive! The step-by-step photos help rookies like me out a lot :)

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