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April 29, 2009


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Very lovely cake! Can this recipe be easily modified for any other flavors?


I always feel like I come home when I visit over here...the cake sounds fabulous- I think it's my next must make!

Debbie Moore

Just talked to a company out of Canada that makes a Limoncello Herb Salad Dressing! Trying to get my hands on it!

Belinda @Zomppa

Thank you for sharing - this is a BEAUTIFUL cake and reminds me of the lovely Spanish Steps....


That looks GORGEOUS. I love pairing cream with citrus and in a cake... that's almost too good to be true.


I adore this cake recipe. Limoncello to drink? Yum. Limoncello to eat...? Fabulous : )


Absolutely beautiful-and befitting the occasion!!!

Chef E

I usually say citrus is my favorite sweet, but not anymore the cookies above rank above, but I still am fond of cakes like this...uh um...June 16th, do you need my address :)


Citrus cakes are my favourite and this looks delicious with the small orange flowers. Yummy... I am sure the birthday girl enjoyed it.


a cake with booze? oh yeah! that is a gorgeous cake.

Cookin' Canuck

Mmm... limoncello. You've got my attention! And the cream cheese icing, with orange and lemon flavors, sounds fantastic.



I LOVE LOVE LOVE limoncello! That is an amazing cake!

The Gastronomista

Cake is my favorite food and I cannot get enough of it-and Limoncello, just fabulous. Can you double the Limoncello in the recipe?


Such a fun cake! I love all things lemon so I bet that was one fabulous cake.

Lady A

Gorgeous cake! And citrus to boot; my favorite. Yumm! I'm sure Zita was pleased. ;-)


This cake would be perfect for the summer, heck! any season actually lol! Limoncello is such a refreshing flavour.


Now, with a small liqueur glass of Limoncello to go with it...we're in business!


Hey, what a beautiful cake! I'm drooling.....

Maralyn Hill

Looks great. The limoncello must provide a nice flavor.


Yum! This sounds delicious. I never would have thought to put limoncello in a cake but now you have my mind going! I've been tinkering with wine/liqueur filled truffles ... I think a limoncello one may be worth testing out. Thanks for sharing!

Jan ~ Founder, PantryConnection.com


My favourite booze + cake? Yes please!


oh my! this cake couldn't be any more colorful and happy and gorgeous!

Tangled Noodle

This citrus cake sounds delightful, perfect for such a lovely celebrant! Love the limoncello and of course, the sinfully creamy frosting. 8-)


you can make one of these for me any time you want, you don't have to wait for my birthday!


The icing is right up my alley...not too sweet and full of fresh citrus flavors...would make terrific cupcakes too!


I can't wait to try this frosting.

The Duo Dishes

Well that is so festive. Citrus is our favorite thing in the world...especially in dessert.


That cake looks fantastic!!! I'd love a slice if that.

Patty Gironda

i heart lemons and limoncello!

Heavenly Housewife

Well, my birthday is coming up to... ;)


Thanx..I am very fond of dessert. It looks very delicious. I think when I will make it my son will like it...

Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

Gorgeous and looks perfectly delicious! Love the limoncello flavor!


WOW what a delicious and ginormous cake wonderfull ... :) xxx


Looks delicious...lots of candles though...was that necessary? LOL


That looks very tasty! I like the orange version of limoncello and I bet that would also be very tasty in that cake!


I love citrus cakes, and the limoncello in it sounds fantastic!

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