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February 16, 2009


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Waldorf hotel

mamma mia. they look soooo delicious :))))

Laurie Malley

Sherry, you've done it agin, I'm heading to the market before the Oscars.
Getting one of those cookies might be better than getting an Oscar!!!


I wish I had one of those cookies. They look sinfully chocolatey! Thanks for being friends!

Sharon Stockwell

You are so right!! Those cookies are "killers" good word for them...We had a few leftover from the class and they just kept calling my name until, poof, all gone? I'm checking out your cookies and will keep in touch too. Best, s

Brenda - Aesthetic Dalliances

You are killing me with those cookies. And I am not easily killed. :)

I just recently did a post on cookies myself:

Thanks for the add on Foodbuzz. Will definitely keep checking in.

The Duo Dishes

Ooooh, those cookies!


I had so much fun staying at the Waldof on my last trip to NY, I felt like an interloper as I definitely do not wear couture everyday, but the people watching was wonderful and the meals were great. Thanks for sharing.

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